Dangerous and unacceptable language against Kosovo Media by Deputy Prime Minister Bislimi


Besnik Bislimi, the Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister in charge of negotiations with Serbia, has once again attacked Kosovo's media, claiming rapidly that they are "financed by Serbia."

Asked about the harms he had previously stated in an interview with the Serbian newspaper "Danas" during a press conference with Prime Minister Kurti, Bislmi made unacceptable accusations.

During the conference, Bislimi stated that "the word 'concession' has been intentionally used by Kosovo media that is funded by Serbia to give it a negative connotation."

The AJK strongly condemns this unacceptable language coming from the second-highest-ranking government official and emphasizes that when such language comes from the highest levels of authority, it significantly jeopardizes the physical and psychological safety of Kosovo's journalists.

The Kurti government must stop attacking the Kosovo media and provide them the freedom to carry out their important duties, which include holding people in position of authority accountable.

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