Threats towards RTV Besa's staff in Prizren


Yesterday, the staff of RTV Besa in the Municipality of Prizren reported being threatened by Lulzim Kabashi, the former chairman of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo in this municipality.

In an email directed to the Association of Journalists of Kosovo, the editors of this media have stated that "Lulzim Kabashi, the former president of AAK in Prizren, "raided" RTV Besa's offices yesterday afternoon, threatening them. He threatened the staff with their life in response to media coverage of a former AAK candidate in the last local elections who was arrested yesterday on suspicion of possessing narcotics. The case has been reported to the Kosovo Police."

The Association of Journalists of Kosovo condemns the threats and intimidation against the colleagues of the local medium, RTV Besa, at the same time calls on the Kosovo Police to treat the case with priority so that the colleagues can continue to perform their profession without hindrance.

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