SafeJournalists: Two Women Journalists Physically Assaulted by Couple in Prishtina


On April 3rd, journalists Fjolla Hyseni and Lindita Berisha were physically assaulted by a couple on the street in Prishtina.

In the disturbing footage published by the media, a woman and a man are captured physically attacking and insulting the journalists while also attempting to prevent them from filming. According to the media, the incident began when the taxi carrying the journalists blocked their path, leading to a physical confrontation initially with the taxi driver. Furthermore, despite being informed that one of the journalists was pregnant, the female attacker did not refrain from physically assaulting her. Journalists from the taxi tried to record the event, and when the attackers realised that they were being filmed and that those filming them were journalists, they became even more aggressive in their attack.

The Association of Journalists of Kosovo consider the physical attack on journalists Hyseni and Berisha as extremely disturbing, unacceptable, and a serious threat to the safety of journalists. Xhemajl Rexha, Chair of AJK, expressed deep concern over the attack on the colleagues and its unprecedented nature. “We are appalled by the assault on our colleagues and the severity of the incident. The journalists were performing their duties by documenting an attack by the same individuals in a public space. We commend their professionalism in a hostile and challenging environment.”, said Rexa.

The Police and Prosecutor’s Office possess all relevant evidence to promptly and effectively handle the case and hold the couple in the video accountable for the serious incident.

The SafeJournalists Network, along with its member AJK, demands that the competent institutions act urgently against the perpetrators identified in the footage and handle cases of attacks on journalists with utmost seriousness and priority to set a precedent for the future.

The SafeJournalists network will closely monitor developments in this case and inform relevant national and international stakeholders.

Each attack on journalists is an attack on public interest, democracy and the rights of all citizens.

Pristina – Skopje – Sarajevo – Zagreb – Belgrade – Podgorica, 04.04.2024

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Association of Journalists of Kosovo

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